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Interview with Bianca Ioniță

Can you tell us a few words about the beginning of your artistic career? Which teachers have helped guided you / supported you?I don`t know exactly how it all started, I was born in Oltenita, a small town close to Bucharest. And because I had spare time, I looked for activities that would inspire me. Paiting was one of them, and then dancing. Like most girls, I loved to create clothing designs, but I was also trying to copy as many elements of reality as possible. I remember that I took a one year class, but because I got too busy at school I gave it up later. When it was time to decide what high school to opt for, I started thinking about it more seriously. At 14, I took tuition with the only known teacher in town. Her name is Ioana Turculet. My sister suggested Tonitza High School, which seems to have been the best choice for me. There I have met a lot of people wtih whom I had a lot of things in common, and exceptional teachers who provided me with the basis knowledge and to whom I am very grateful. I studied Painting as a main subject, and my teacher was Ileana Dragomirescu. She did a lot for us. In the summer, we used to go to Cumpatu, at George Enescu`s home. We had numerous exhibitions. Our Class Master was the History of Arts teacher, Mihaela Buliga. Each time I travel I remember what I have learnt back then. She taught the only subject for which students were really st

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Roxana Constantinescu - exhibition interview

Tell a few words about the beginnings of your artistic career. What teachers have you targeted / supported?I`m an artist since I know! From the moment I preferred to draw on the asphalt refusing to play with my dolls. I opted to become a student Art High School rejecting the idea of attending other high school courses. I`m Bachelor Degree in Arts, in the field of Photo-Video and Painting.Why painting and not something else?One of the most fascinating elements of art is freedom. That freedom allows you to materialize those deep feelings by different means. My painting is such a concretisation and is a crossroads of several environments. I use the photo for documentation, use optical elements for studying light refraction, I study philosophical and anthropological texts for deepening the theoretical approach.What style do you think most suits you? Is there an artist or artistic trend that has influenced you in your art?Art history is a very important chapter in the formation of an artist. I think that every artistic current has influenced me in one way or another, and the fascination of some masterpieces has not diminished. What is your favorite theme? What inspires you the most?I am concerned with the study of urban aesthetics, skidding and especially with psychological projections on us. To what extent are we influenced by the architecture of the city we live in.Do you use mo

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